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Meet The Team

Dr. Sepehr Mesdaghinia Medical Director

Dr. Sepehr Mesdaghinia

Rheumatologist & Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialist

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Sara Torres Headshot_edited.jpg

Sara Torres

Master Injector

Advanced Training in Sculptra, Allergan, Galderma & Merz

Sara Torres is an aesthetics nurse who believes in personalized care and empathy. Her gentle demeanor and attentive nature create a welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable expressing their desires and asking questions. Sara’s approach to aesthetics is rooted in personalized care and empathy. She believes in building genuine connections with her patients and taking the time to understand their unique goals and concerns before crafting customized treatment plans.

Sara’s top priority is safety, efficacy, and natural-looking results when it comes to facial rejuvenation. Her approach has earned her a reputation for delivering consistent, exceptional outcomes while gaining the trust of her patients.

Sara is committed to educating her patients about skincare best practices and instilling a sense of beauty from within.


Master Esthetician

Laser Technician

Laser Expert

PCA Peel Certified

Skën means to shine or glow in Swedish...which is exactly how we want you to feel and look! As a leading medical aesthetic company in the Washington DC area we offer advanced revolutionary treatment options for our patients. 

"Skën Spa is the perfect blend of the feeling we seek to provide and the treatment areas we specialize in."


Our mission is to revolutionize the medical aesthetics industry while delivering the highest level of treatment. Our goal is to empower doctors and nurse practitioners nationwide to better serve their clients!


Let Skën Spa be your provider for all of your skin treatments!

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