Botox & Injectables

Injectables Offered

Botox - Smooth and prevent wrinkles.

Xiomen - Gluten free alternative to Botox.

Kybella - Dissolve fat areas and get rid of the double chin.

Ultra Plus - Filler with indications perfect for lips and semi deep lines and wrinkles.

Ultra - Filler that has similar properties to Ultra Plus with a bit softer hold.

Voluma - Filler that contains the thickest and strongest gel. Lift contoured cheeks.

Vollure - Filler that contains a happy medium of strength and hold that allows natural facial movements.

Volbella - Filler that contains the thinnest and most spreadable gel. Perfect for lip or eye fine lines.

Radiesse - Dermal filler made from calcium hydroxyapatite suspended in a water based gel solution.

B12 - Used to increase energy, metabolism and brain function.

Cortisone Shot - Used in cystic acne treatments.


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