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Can I Sleep After Botox Injections?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

While the question, “Can I sleep after Botox injections,” may sound a bit silly, you’re not wrong for asking.

There aren’t many rules about what you can’t do after Botox, but there are certainly steps you need to take for optimal results. Here’s what you need to know!

Can I Sleep After Botox Injections? When Is It Safe?

If you’ve been told not to lie down after your Botox appointment, you’re likely wondering, “Can I sleep after Botox injections? Why or why not?” Before you panic: no, you won’t have to undergo a sleepless night because of Botox.

When your injector tells you not to lie down, they just want you to stay upright for four to six hours.

This means no bending over or lying down on your back or sides. This is because Botox can spread and disperse in the first few hours, settling into unintended areas. You can rest in a seated position if you choose, however.

After those few hours have passed, sleeping after Botox shouldn’t be an issue! There are a couple extra steps you should take though.

What Are Some Tips for Sleeping After Botox?

You’re in the clear to finally lay down and fall asleep, but don’t get too comfy just yet!

First, avoid sleeping on your stomach or side. You want to avoid applying pressure on your face as much as possible. Back sleeping is best to avoid pressure on the injection site. Thankfully, this change in positions is temporary.

Second, practice some good habits to ensure your comfort. Surround yourself with pillows to prevent stomach or side sleeping, avoid hats and anything else that fits snugly on the head, and sleep on clean bedding to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the injection points.

For More Expert Tips on Botox Aftercare and Remarkable Results From Cosmetic Injections, Give Us a Call!

Here at Skën Spa, we don’t judge when it comes to questions like, “Can I sleep after Botox injections?”

In fact, we’re here to help you achieve an optimal outcome with expert tips and tricks! Contact us at 703-862-4236 to book your consultation and learn more.

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