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Tattoo Removal

Tattoos Are No Longer Forever

The lasers used at Skën have revolutionized the idea of tattoos being permanent. These treatments work to permanently remove your tattoo and it will leave your skin looking like it did before you ever had it. Bringing relief to many clients and it can do the same for you!

The laser hits the ink in a tattoo, breaking it into smaller & smaller particles. Once these particles are small enough they’re taken away naturally by your body. We repeat this until the tattoo is removed completely.

The settings on the laser are different per skin type. So having extensive experience is essential. Changes to skin pigmentation can happen in the wrong hands.


If you are interested in tattoo removal in Washington DC / Arlington schedule a consultation with us by calling 703-862-4236 or book with us online! Our practice serves Washington, DC / Arlington, VA and surrounding areas.

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