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Can I Lay Down After Botox, or Do I Need to Wait?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Taking proper care of yourself after Botox is essential to achieving the fabulous results you expect from this popular anti-aging treatment.

So, can I lay down after Botox? Or, will it interfere with my results? To find out the best way you can care for yourself after Botox, read on!

What Is the Deal? Can I Lay Down After Botox?

No, you should not lie down for about four hours after treatment. Doing so can cause bruising and swelling to worsen, and it can also cause spreading of the toxin to areas where it doesn't belong.

While it likely won’t cause major issues, it could mean that your ‘tox doesn’t last as long. Stretch your Botox dollars as long as possible by staying in an upright position as long as possible.

When you are ready to lay down after a minimum of four hours, only lie on your back. Lying on your side or face can put pressure on the injection area.

Now that you have an answer to your question, “Can I lay down after Botox?,” you need the scoop on other post-care instructions.

So, What Else Should I Do After Botox for Optimal Results?

There are a few additional steps you can take to generally care for your skin and strive for amazing long-term results. Your cosmetic injection specialist should provide you with specific aftercare instructions, so be sure to follow those.

In general, avoid touching or putting pressure on your face at all the first day after Botox, which includes applying makeup. Also off limits for at least 24 hours afterward is vigorous exercise, especially anything that includes headgear, as well as alcohol and sun exposure.

The First Step Towards Beautiful Botox Is a Skilled Injector, So Choose the Providers at Skën Spa!

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