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How Can I Make Botox Last Longer in Arlington, Virginia?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

If you love your Botox results, you undeniably want them to last as long as possible, wondering and searching, “How can I make Botox last longer in Arlington, Virginia?”

Look no further - here are four expert tips for longer lasting Botox results!

Book Your Botox at Just the Right Time

You can overdo it when it comes to Botox sessions, scheduling them too frequently and causing your body to build up resistance to the neurotoxin.

Maintenance Botox injections are recommended about every 12 weeks, eventually training facial muscles to not contract and form wrinkles.

However, follow the advice of your injector if they recommend extending the length of time between sessions.

Don’t Exercise, Unless It’s Your Face

Sorry to the exercise junkies, but you’re going to have to avoid it for at least 24 hours. Increased blood flow can potentially displace your Botox and increase your chance for bruising.

That being said, gentle facial exercises such as smiling and frowning are recommended to “activate” your Botox.

Stay Out of the Sun

If you’re asking, “How can I make Botox last longer in Arlington, Virginia,” then you should know that an important answer you’re seeking is to avoid the sun.

UV rays are bad for your skin in general, causing damage and accelerating the aging process. They can also cause Botox to disperse faster, thanks to the increased blood circulation and dilated blood vessels.

Use the Right Products

Taking care of your skin after Botox is the easiest way to prolong your results.

Gentle cleansing, using a high-quality sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more, and keeping your skin moisturized with hyaluronic acid is a simple routine to boost your Botox. Avoid harsh, irritating products wherever possible.

If You’re Wondering, “How Can I Make Botox Last Longer in Arlington, Virginia,” Let Us Help!

Seeking more tips and tricks for better, longer Botox? Or perhaps you’re ready to book your Botox appointment?

Then contact our team at Skën Spa today to book your consultation by calling 703-862-4236


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